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Why You Should Consider Signing Up for Global Entry: Benefits and Tips for Scheduling Your Interview

Faster Entry Processing

First and foremost, Global Entry can save you a lot of time when you're entering the United States from abroad. Instead of waiting in long lines at passport control and customs, Global Entry members are able to use dedicated kiosks to quickly complete their arrival processing. This can be especially helpful if you're arriving at a busy airport during peak travel periods, as the lines can be quite long and slow-moving. With Global Entry, you can breeze past the crowds and get on your way in a matter of minutes.

TSA PreCheck

In addition to faster processing times, Global Entry also includes TSA PreCheck, which allows you to enjoy expedited security screening at many U.S. airports. TSA PreCheck lines are typically much shorter than regular security lines, and you don't have to remove your shoes, belt, or light jackets, or take your laptop out of your bag. This can be a huge time-saver, especially if you travel frequently or are in a rush to catch a connecting flight.

No More Customs Forms

Another benefit of Global Entry is that it can help you avoid the hassle of filling out customs forms on the plane. When you arrive in the United States, you'll simply scan your passport and fingerprints at the kiosk, answer a few questions about your trip, and then be on your way. No more fumbling with pens and forms while you're trying to deplane!

Scheduling Your Interview Appointment

To enroll in Global Entry, you'll need to complete an online application and schedule an in-person interview with a CBP officer. This interview is a critical step in the process, as it allows CBP to verify your identity, review your application, and ask any additional questions they may have. Unfortunately, scheduling an interview can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you live in a remote area or have a busy schedule.


That's where comes in. This is a very helpful tool that can send you alerts when new interview slots become available at your preferred Global Entry enrollment center. This can save you a lot of time and hassle, as you won't have to keep checking the CBP website for available appointments. Instead, you can simply sign up for alerts and wait for a notification to pop up on your phone or computer.


Overall, Global Entry is a valuable program that can make international travel much easier and less stressful. With faster processing times, expedited security screening, and no more customs forms to fill out, it's a no-brainer for anyone who travels frequently. And with, scheduling your required interview appointment is easier than ever before. So why not sign up for Global Entry today and start enjoying the benefits?


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